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DevsDMS is a dealer ship management system. DevsDMS will help you to manage all the tasks of your end. We have some powerful features. As a dealer you need to keep track from cartoon to payments, reports everything. It has cartoon features. It has products, order, store, dealer, HRM, companies, Payment and all kinds of reports. So, it will make your life easier:

Product Feature

  • Vandor Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Stock Management
  • Dealer Management
  • Oder Management
  • Employee Management
  • Collection Syatem

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In this module, an admin can manage all Suppliers/vendors who supply the product.

It is the function of buying products from the vendor. Admin order products as required by the dealer. Purchase management is one of the most crucial areas of the entire system.

In this system, stock management refers to the goods stocked for sale. Every retail chain has its own warehouse to stock the product to be sold when the existing stock replenishes. Stock management refers to the storage of products to be sold.

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A Smart Dealership Management System

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